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Hospital cleaning is one of the most essential parts as it includes the safety of patients and the staff as well. Thus, our medical cleaning services use the best eco-friendly chemicals to clean every nook and corner and our professionals follow every kind of safety precautions to ensure a healthy environment in hospitals.

Commercial cleaning services should fit all the businesses out there. This vastly includes Office cleaning, Window cleaning, School cleaning, Carpet steaming, Medical and Hospital cleaning, Floor cleaning and sanitisation. It does not end here, contact Syaan Cleaning Services to know more.

Construction cleaning services give the final touch to your house or office. At Siyaan, we have successfully completed and organized cleaning projects for new and rebuilt hotels, apartments, industries, schools and other commercial buildings.

School cleanliness is important as to ensure the safety of the children involved in it. So, to corroborate the safety of the school children, Siyaan came up with the best school cleaning service which includes the cleaning of canteen, bathroom, play area, carpet, parking lot. Hallway etc. Book us to provide the children with a safe, clean and fresh environment.

The stepwise carpet cleaning process is- 

  • Inspecting the carpet
  • Pulling the carpet with rotary machine
  • Spraying carpet cleaning agent
  • Scrubbing and spot treatment
  • Pre-vacuuming
  • Post inspection and sanitizing